Lesser Known Early Color Processes

Subtractive Color Systems

As is explained in more detail elsewhere on this site, there are two types of color motion pictures, Subtractive and Additive. These terms apply only to the method used to display the color image on a screen. Subtractive systems carry the color right on the film itself and Additive films use black and white records representing the color segments and separate color filters are used to add the color to the projected image. And I just used the word color four times in a single sentence. Subtractive color systems may use a limited two-color palette or the virtually complete three-color palette.

This list is by no means complete. It will be expanded as the data is unearthed.

Two-Color Systems

ChemicolorEnglandBipackDouble coated filmBased on the German Ufacolor system.
Colorfilm ProcessUnited StatesBipackDouble coated film 
ColorcraftUnited StatesBeam Splitter or BipackSingle Coated 
Coloratura ProcessUnited StatesBipackDouble Coated Film 
Fox ColorUnited StatesBeam SplitterDouble Coated FilmBasically the early Kodachrome Process
DascolourBelgiumBipackSingle Coated FilmDeveloped by Debrie
FullcolorUnited StatesBipack or separations from KodachromeDouble Coated FilmBoth 2 and 3 color prints were possible.
HarmonicolorFranceBipackDouble Coated Film 
HarriscolorUnited StatesBeam SplitterSingle Coated Film 
KellycolorUnited StatesSequential Exposure 2-ColorDouble Coated FilmBased on the older Prizma process. Later adapted by CFI as Magnacolor
KodachromeUnited StatesBeam SplitterDouble Coated FilmSamples Shown Elsewhere in Subtractive Color Section
MagnacolorUnited StatesBipackDouble Coated FilmPredecessor to Cinecolor and Trucolor (2 color version)
Photocolor ProcessUnited StatesBeam SplitterDouble Coated Film 
Polychromide ProcessEnglandBeam Splitter with two films or BipackSingle Coated Film 
Sennet ColorUnited StatesBipackDouble Coated Film 
Sirius Kleuren Film MaatschappijHollandBeam SplitterSingle or Double Coated Film 
Spectracolor England Bipack Double Coated Film Based on German UFA process
Technichrome United States - Used only in England Bipack Single Coated Dye Transfer Developed because of the shortage of 3-strip cameras.
Trucolor - Early Two-Color SystemUnited States Bipack Double Coated Film Descended from Magnacolor. A product of Consolidated Film Industries
UfacolorGermanBipackDouble Coated Film 
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