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Scanned from a 1989 vintage flat 70mm print, made on Eastman LPP low fade stock.
Courtesy of Steve Kraus

The same frame from the new Warner Home Video DVD.

If you've navigated around this website to any great extent you will know that your Curator has admonished readers about being too anal as regards video aspect ratios. Here is a case where 25% of the original image has been cut off due to the change from anamorphic to flat 70mm. Additionally it would be hard to imagine a print made with such poor attention to proper color timing. The 70mm film was scanned right here at The American WideScreen Museum so you can be assured that what you see is what was on the film. Unfortunately, what was on the negative did not wind up on the film.

A snip showing the full width of the 70mm print.

The Flexibility of MGM Camera 65

Correct Extraction Areas For Various Formats
Full Image = Anamorphic 70mm Print
Red Boundary = 2.5:1 letterboxed area used in flat 70mm or Special 35mm Anamorphic.
Yellow Boundary = 2.35:1 35mm Anamorphic
Blue Boundary = 70mm Full Frame Flat Print
Green Boundary = TV Pan & Scan Area, (Moveable to pick up most important information.)

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