Scanoscope - Economical Widescreen Prints
A real good hare-brained idea.

film courtesy of Jeff Joseph - Sabucat Productions

Those damned platters just ruined it for everyone. Scanoscope was intended to be a way to produce economical prints in a widescreen format. Shot in two-perf, each printed reel would contain the image and sound from two alternate reels, i.e. reel 1 would actually carry reel 1 and reel 3, reel 2 would carry reel 2 and reel 4. Standard changeovers were done and when the second projector was turned on the film on the takeup reel of the first projector was loaded onto the supply spindle and threaded up for another trip through the machine at the next changeover. The name of the film illustrated here is unknown. The Ouija board slowly spells out, "I - l-i-k-e - y-o-u-r - o-u-t-f-i-t"

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