A Gallery of Higher Resolution Film Images
Pages Formatted For 1024 x 768 screen resolution

This is an eclectic section set aside to show larger, higher resolution images than would typically be found on a web site designed for fast download speeds. The pictures are made by direct scanning of original film prints and negatives. The frames are chosen for their unusual characteristics or because they are simply eye catching.

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Hi-Res Series 1Series 1
Superscope, Cinerama, Cinecolor, Scanoscope, Todd-AO, Technicolor, DeLuxe Labs, Kinemacolor, etc.
New items added 09/23/01

Hi-Res Series 1Series 2
Rectified Todd-AO, CinemaScope 55, 28mm Amateur, 35-32 Dual Rank, Iwerks QUATRO, VistaVision 8 Perf, MGM Camera 65, etc.

More To Come!