Vera Cruz
On DVD in its "original theatrical ratio"

Film Courtesy of Doug Bull

Frame from Vera Cruz anamorphic print restored to its normal dimensions as it would appear on screen.

Same frame captured from DVD. Superscope's 2:1 aspect ratio is accurate on both images.

While the shape of the two frames is correct, the DVD shows that the transfer was made incorrectly, using only the standard Academy width from the original negative rather than the full aperture width used as the source for the Superscope print. Since the incorrect width was used, it was necessary to crop the image height to maintain the 2:1 aspect ratio. Just because the shape is correct, you're not guaranteed that the content is correct.

The difference in color balance between the two frames is due, in part, from the fact that older color prints were balanced for the blue-white light from carbon arc lamps and current films are balanced for the color of light from Xenon arcs.

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