Vera Cruz
1954 Experimental Color Anaglyph Frame

Film Courtesy of Chester Bosco

By the time Vera Cruz was ready for release, 3-D had pretty well shot its wad and a number of films made in the depth process were shown only in flat versions. Color 3-D films from this era were invariably shown with dual synchronized projectors and Polaroid filters and glasses. This rare image shows a color anaglyph system that allowed for a single film to be used in conjunction with less expensive red-blue glasses. Seen without the glasses, the film looks quite normal, but with them the image suddenly has a very realistic depth. If you've got an old pair of red-blue glasses then view this picture with the lenses oriented as shown below.

The red lens should be worn over the left eye and the blue/cyan lens over the right. It might take a little while for your eyes to balance the light for the best possible image.

Okay, the curator admits that this is a little joke. The image donor, Mr. Chester Bosco, doesn't exist. He's named after a pair of dogs that the Curator is fond of. The 3-D image was derived by combining two sequential frame grabs from a DVD and converting them manually to color anaglyph three dimension. It's fake, but it's pretty cool.

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