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THE DYNAMO is a large format booklet created by 20th Century-Fox to help promote the benefits and features of CinemaScope with exhibitors. It was distributed in December, 1953, right on the heels of the studio's extremely successful release of The Robe and How to Marry a Millionaire.

This is one of the most interesting promotional materials in the museum's collection. In addition to promoting the Fox product, great pains are taken to ensure that exhibitors are aware that CinemaScope films will also be coming from a number of other major studios and independant producers. And using Marilyn Monroe to promote the new wide screen system was not a bad idea either.

The images are reproduced from a Xerox copy of the booklet and every effort has been made to optimize their quality. You may note that some of the illustrations tend to somewhat exaggerate the dimensions of the CinemaScope screen, a practice that Paramount also used in their promotion of VistaVision. Only Cinerama and Todd-AO provided graphics that accurately pictured their systems.

We think you will find the booklet to be informative and fun. Some of the pictures are quite large so you will have to be patient during the download. Thanks to Steve Stuart for providing this rare publication.

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