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Reference Library

This section of the museum features copies of technical publications generously provided by your fellow readers or purchased at great expense and sacrifice by the Curator. While there are limitations to what can be accommodated here, we welcome all contributions and will make as many available as possible.

No Food or Drinks Allowed.
(Unless you can share with everyone else)
Cigars are acceptable.
A couple of us will be smoking our pipes.

Cinerama ArticlesCinemaScope ArticlesVistaVision Articles
Perspecta ArticlesProjection and Sound ArticlesPanavision Panatar Lens, Kinopanorama Sound Track, Technicolor Improved Prints, Panavision's Progress, Republic Pictures' NATURAMA wide screen system, Supescope promotional booklet

For Health Code reasons, visitors to the library are not allowed to take any of these books into the restroom. Your understanding and compliance is appreciated.

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