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Advanced Digital Technology Puts New Life In Large Format Classics

The unparalleled excellence of the new FlikFX DVD transfer brought a new challenge to the masters of this new technology. Could Lawrence of Arabia be updated for today's large format presentations? The challenge was accepted and now FlikFX is in the final stages of converting the original 5 perforation 70mm film to the wonder of 15 perf IMAX.

A Columbia Pictures / FlikFX / IMAX Release
CGI Conversion by FlikFX Pty GmbH Ltd.
Distributed by Sony Millenium Films

The Super Panavision 70 original

In 1962, audiences were impressed with the wide 70mm images presented in luxurious movie palaces. Today's audience isn't so easily impressed. Give them stadium seating and deafening surround sound if you want to hold their attention. And for holding the viewer's attention, no modern system does it like IMAX. FlikFXTM breathes new life, and revenue, into the films made in antiquated systems.

Lawrence of Arabia in IMAX

No need to explain what FlikFXTM has managed to pull off in this masterful conversion of the old wide screen image to the tall, tall, tall, (maybe five stories!) IMAX screen. Now today's sophisticated audiences will be able to marvel at breathtaking vistas of sky, sky, sky. And this new version will look just great on the home tube. Conforming to IMAX standards, and greatly improving the enjoyability of the film, "Lawrence of Arabia" has been edited to yield a 45 minute running time. - - - FlikFXTM - "What do you want to watch? And how do you want it to look?"SM

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Film frames from
"Lawrence of Arabia - The 30th Anniversary Pictorial History"
by L.Robert Morris and Lawrence Raskin
Used with permission