Late Breaking News!

as of February, 1939

With Television and Cinema growing nearer and nearer to being one and the same, your Curator thought it would be an interesting experience to hop in the AWSM time machine and see what television's developers promised in the year of Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, and many other revered film classics.

Unless you're a lot older than the Curator, you'll encounter some surprises in this interesting article that appeared in the February, 1939 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. Click on the button for the next page and you'll be transported magically to 1939.
(The Curator can't be held responsible for readers who respond to ads included in the text.)

By the way, it cost your Curator substantially more than the 10 Cent cover price to obtain this publication for your gratification. Another public spirited gesture from The American WideScreen Museum.


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