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Date Section Added / Changed
8/29/15 SHOWMANSHIP-ROADSHOW Added projectionists instructions for 70mm Cinerama presentation of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
4/17/15 SUPERSCOPE Mad Magazine parody of Underwater advertising.
11/26/14 CINEMASCOPE MGM Throws in With Fox and promotes CinemaScope
with Knights of the Round Table (1953)
11/24/14 TECHNIRAMA Added coverage on The Miracle (1959)
06/29/14 SUPERSCOPE Confusing technical "facts" about the Carlo Ponti-Dino DeLaurentiis production of Ulysses
06/20/14 ULTRA PANAVISION 70 Added glamour photo of Ultra Panavision camera.
05/31/14 CINEMASCOPE 55 Trade ads for exhibitors.
11/25/13 SUPERSCOPE A Superscope 200 film is discovered.
11/22/13 CINEMASCOPE New text and illustrations of late era CinemaScope and advance of Panavision.
10/30/13 CINERAMA Numerous editorial updates/clarifications added.
10/29/13 SUPER PANAVISION Added production still from West Side Story
10/29/13 ULTRA PANAVISION Numerous additions and clarifications done throughout the section.
05/09/13 CINEMASCOPE Selling CinemaScope. Added two Fox promotional documents to help give birth to CinemaScope
03/26/13 CINEMIRACLE Added photo of Grauman's Chinese Theatre during conversion to show Cinemiracle.
03/26/13 TECHNIRAMA Added photos and snappy captions by the Curator.
03/06/13 CINEMASCOPE Added a 1954 French ad for Henri Chrétien's Hypergonar projection lenses.
03/02/13 CINERAMA-ULTRA PANAVISION Updated information on MGM's Laced Process of background projection in Special Effects
11/06/12 AMATEUR CINEMASCOPE Expanded frame samples to 1 dozen
10/05/12 AMATEUR CINEMASCOPE Added frame blowups from Disney film
10/05/12 ULTRA PANAVISION Editorial changes and corrections throughout.
More to come.
10/04/12 CINERAMA "This Is Cinerama Gallery" Upgraded all photos to higher resolution.
05/12/12 TECHNIRAMA Added high resolution frames from ZULU, (1964)
05/04/12 TECHNIRAMA Added photo and commentary on "The Queen's Guards"
05/01/12 TECHNIRAMA View a September 28, 1957 British ad for the new Technirama process.
04/30/12 REFERENCE LIBRARY Go to ASSORTED ARTICLES to read a brochure on the
French DYALISCOPE line of anamorphic lenses
03/22/12 VISTAVISION Added new photos of the VistaVision "Lazy 8" camera.
02/11/12 GARY'S WIDESCREEN LISTS New and updated version of Gary Palmer's list now in RTF